St. Lucia Missions Trip

Our group arrived safely on Friday and we received this update and some pictures from some ministry on Saturday…

Hello!! Everything is going very well. We had bible club, it was awesome. Yesterday we went to the moule-a-chique lighthouse. Beautiful, we sang How Great Thou Art. The mountain peaks are the Grand Pitons. In between the who hills, is where the volcano is that you can walk into it. Their was once at top on it, but it blew up and left the space. The picture of the building is a Pentecostal church. They are letting the Bartleys, use it for free. Every Saturday they have bible club. Their were 11 children attend. We did a lesson, sang songs, craft, Colton played his instrument. The blue house is beside this church. The lady up the hill is raking her lawn with a branch and then she will burn it. The picture of the road is in front of that church. It is hot and humid, but the Lord gives us nice breezes, and a little bit of rain, it is the dry season here. Later this afternoon we are going to see an abandoned ship, also touring the down town. The Bartleys are overwhelmed by all of the stuff that was brought to them. Last night going to our motel ( which I will send pictures of) Brother Wes, tore a strip off of an abandoned air strip, as we raced with a horse, it was so much fun!!!! I will update again.












About Al Feere

Pastor of Bethel Baptist Church in Simcoe, Ontario
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