St. Lucia Missions Trip – Update #2

Good day!!!!! Our Sunday, was a tremendous blessing. Lots to tell, but for now, focus on Sunday. In the morning we went to church at Victory Baptist, the Pastor there is Pastor Charles, he has been at this church for 1 year.  Brother Wes and Faith, minister their every Sunday.  Brother Wes does the music, Faith play the keyboard. Brother Wes preaches there sometimes. Church in the afternoon at 2:00, is at Brother Wes’s, Whosoever Baptist. That is in Dennery, they have been their 1 year. This is the church that we are helping with the renovations. Church tonight at 6:00, was at Solid Rock Baptist, the Pastor is Pastor Jesse Natrum, he has been the Pastor for 5 years, they are in Bellevie. This church used to be a bar, the lady who owns it attends their church. Just going to church we have been able to see a lot of scenery and people. We stopped for a few minutes to watch a Cricket game. Pastor MacDonald had the privilege to preach all of the messages today, Colton played his Ocarina, the ladies sang, it was a privilege to serve the Lord. Enjoy the pictures, more updates to come.

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Pastor of Bethel Baptist Church in Simcoe, Ontario
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