St. Lucia Missions Trip – Update #3

Four days and God just keeps on blessing us. We have not started renovations, when you have plans, always be ready for them to change. Many different things had to, be done that kept us from work. Here are pictures of where we are staying, very nice and humbling. The lady Christine who runs the motel has been treating us very well, awesome breakfast, always making sure that we have everything that we need. The Bartleys have just recently met Christine, we are the first group to stay their. Her and her family do not know the Lord, please pray that through their ministry that this will open doors for Christine and her family.  We drove through a town called Bruceville ( Shanty Town). It is a very poverty stricken town, worse than what we have seen so far. The sunset is looking out from the Bartleys balcony. WOW!!!!!! The view is awesome.  That is all for now. Lord willing we will be renovating tomorrow.

PS – Those who have been praying for Brad Vogel – he is feeling much better!   Thank You!

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About Al Feere

Pastor of Bethel Baptist Church in Simcoe, Ontario
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