St. Lucia Missions Trip – Update #6

The weather is hot, and the spirit is good. Renovations are coming along really well. The tiling should be finished tomorrow and then grouting. It was a great day. As the men were laying tile, some of us went out into the town and handed out John and Romans, with tracts. You do not knock on doors, you just yell. Very friendly people. The bathroom got painted, it will be finished up tomorrow as well. The men worked late last night so we had service at the Bartleys. It was a blessing. On our way back to the motel today, Faith took us ladies to La Tille Falls, fresh water, it was beautiful. Their have been teen boys helping out, they are learning how to tile, they are loving it. The children in the bus came with us to hand out John and Romans. The girl in the picture with me, is Shannon. She has a servants heart, even though she has a disability. There was a young guy help to do tiling that does not have the use of his legs. Everyone that know the Bartleys, love them. The children are always asking for Brother Wes. They will stop at a store and people come and talk to them. Praise the Lord that they obeyed the Lords calling. They are exactly where God wants them. They have been a tremendous blessing to all of us, as Satan has been trying to put up road blocks all of the way. Praise the Lord, he does not win. Their testimony to how they are handling situations has been a great learning for us. That is all for now. I will be in contact again.

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About Al Feere

Pastor of Bethel Baptist Church in Simcoe, Ontario
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