Update from the Woon Family, Nepal

WoonIn my last update, I said I thought we were moving into the next phase of relief here.  Well, I was wrong.  I have done my best to give a clear picture of the situation here, but some things are hard to predict or understand.

Today was a very busy day.  We were able to deliver two truck loads of food to three different villages where no aid has reached yet.  We loaded and unloaded over 7200 pounds of rice along with lentils, cooking oil, beaten rice, noodles, and crackers.  It brought smiles on the faces of many people, including mine.  I would like to personally thank Anchor Baptist Church in Brevard, NC, Hearts with Hands in Asheville, NC, Operation Renewed Hope, and others of you who shared with us in this ministry.  You are making a difference.  To God be the glory.

 The last village we went to was Nallu.  I spoke of this village a few days ago.  Surviving there is a 97 year old Christian man who lost his home.  Before we left, his family said he was sick and asked us to come pray over him.  It is quite a hike to his place (center top of hill in attached picture).  When we arrived, we found out that he had a fever and had stopped eating.  He looked very bad, so we brought him down and took him to the hospital.  Please pray for him.

Also while in Nallu, we received a phone call from one of the Bible College students.  She told us that she had just returned from her village and the people were in desperate need.  She said they were out of food and only drinking water.  It is another remote village near the China border in Northeast Nepal.  We are going to load up and try to take them as much food as possible.  She said the road was really bad.  Please pray for our safety.

As I said before, we are also seeking God’s will about building temporary shelters.  The plastic tarps are not going to be sufficient during monsoon.  They need something more durable.  We are looking at building a Quonset hut style structure like the one in the attached picture.  It only costs about $100 and takes only about 30 minutes to assemble.  The bamboo shelter is approximately the same cost, but takes much longer time.

If you would like to help in the relief efforts here in Nepal, these Quonset huts would be a good project to participate in.  You can help by sending a check to BMFP (address below) and write “Nepal relief-Woon” in the memo.

Your servant in Christ,

Jason Woon


025 037 050 022 011 045 040

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