83rd Anniversary & Remembrance Day Services

untitledOn November 8th, Bethel Baptist Church will celebrate her 83rd Anniversary with our guests, Pastor and Mrs. Gordon Conner.  Brother Conner is the founding pastor of Greater Vancouver Baptist Church where God has built a flourishing work in the Vancouver area.   We are looking forward to their ministry!  You can learn more about their ministry here.

We will also host the Calvary Quartet for some soul-stirring music that weekend.  The Quartet is no stranger to Bethel Baptist Church, having visited twice before, and have always been a huge blessing!  You may learn more about the Calvary Quartet and sample their music at www.calvaryquartet.com.


In addition to celebrating 83 years of God’s goodness, we will honour our veterans and troops that day with a special Remembrance Day service at the beginning of our service.  This tribute will take place at 10 am, followed immediately by our morning worship service with the Conners and the Calvary Quartet, and then we will gather again at 6 pm for our evening service.  Join us for this great day of Worship and Thanksgiving.  You won’t want to miss it!

About Al Feere

Pastor of Bethel Baptist Church in Simcoe, Ontario
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One Response to 83rd Anniversary & Remembrance Day Services

  1. Dear Pastor Wanda And And i HAVE KNOWN THE Conners From The Time They Came Until The Time THEY Left. We Established A Great RELATIONSHIP With Them As Well As Many Others,
    They Have Become Good Friends. WE Continue To Pray For Them That GOD Will Richley Bless Them.THANK YOU For Being Our Pastor We Love You And Our Church. Serving GOD And Stepping out by Faith. Again We Love YOU, AND We Continue to Uplift You in prayer.
    Thank You For Honouring GOD’S Call..
    Dave And Wanda Broughton.

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