Missions Digest #21

Several Letters today, scroll to the bottom.01_January - February  2016 Prayer LetterDownload PDF (Loewen)16.1_2_Cook_Family_to_Italy_95_.01Dowload PDF  (Cook)0212fce7-dcb3-4a36-8a09-4dc3c92e5a14Dowload PDF (Jessup)2016_03Dowload PDF  (Minion)Ford Family March 2016 Prayer LetterDowload PDF (Ford)MarchDowload PDF  (Rousseau)March-2016Dowload PDF  (Frost)

About Al Feere

Pastor of Bethel Baptist Church in Simcoe, Ontario
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One Response to Missions Digest #21

  1. Paul McPherson says:

    Thanks preacher

    Sent from my iPhone

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