Special Announcement – Peacock Family


Peacock Family Special Update #53
January 22, 2017


What a marathon!  After 72+ hours of various unique stages of very non-textbook labor, we are thankful to share with you that Brooke Olivia Peacock has safely been delivered into this world and Emily and Brooke are doing great!  Perhaps another update will permit us more time and space to share some of the specifics of how God again was clearly at work in all of this, but the hour is late and Brooke’s parents are tired and looking forward to some rest.

Please bear with us on the photo…Brooke will be enrolled in photogenic classes soon. She’s obviously a bit annoyed that we interrupted her rest to snap this picture.  Stay tuned for even cuter pictures in the future.  For tonight, it’s the best we can share.  🙂  Hopefully she will be more excited when she meets her sisters and brother for the first time tomorrow.

Brooke weighed in at 8 pounds, 7 ounces and was 20″ long being born at 8:52PM according to the hospital clock. 🙂  We thank the Lord for His safety for Emily and Brooke through this time and so appreciate the many emails, texts etc. from many of you who have been so faithful in carrying this situation before the Lord with and for us.

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Pastor of Bethel Baptist Church in Simcoe, Ontario
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One Response to Special Announcement – Peacock Family

  1. Paul McPherson says:

    Praise the Lord , she is beautiful,thanks for sharing the announcement Paul

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