Important Announcement


It has been widely reported that Premier Doug Ford has declared a “state of emergency” in Ontario.   One of the mandates, is that public gatherings over 50 people are prohibited.

It is unfortunate, but we must announce that all activities will be cancelled at Bethel Baptist Church, until at least March 31, the suggested date of this ban.  Even smaller groups pose an issue as we must sanitize everywhere people went in our facilities.  We are working now at providing online services to be presented at our regularly scheduled Sunday morning service time of 10:30 am.  As we are able to provide other services, we will announce those times going forward.

With this announcement, obviously the Man-up conference and our Revival Services with the FaithMen quartet this weekend will also be cancelled for this year.

There will be no Master Clubs on the 26th or April 2nd.

For now, please assume that all activities will be cancelled through March 31st.

We are working to set up a “Compassionate Care” Program.  All of those, over the age of 50, affiliated with Bethel Baptist Church will be contacted to the best of our ability on a regular basis to help in anyway we can.  Please be careful not to ask Staff or Deacons to do something that may compromise their health.  We are glad to help get groceries, pharmacy supplies, etc.  This program is currently developing and more announcements are forthcoming.

Some are wondering why we would cancel gatherings under the mandated 50 people!  It is important that after each activity, the area is sanitized.  Even a small group poses a risk of using their meeting place, male and female restrooms, the nursery, the kitchen, m etc.   It is near impossible to know everywhere someone travels in our facilities.

Some are also wondering, why would we cancel at all when we are supposed to be a people of faith and not fear!  Honestly, I am not afraid of contracting the virus, this is about our church’s testimony.  As a pastor friend said, it is hard to tell the community we care when there are cars in our parking lot, disobeying the mandates of the state of emergency.  If the situation worsens as a result of our assembling, it could hurt our testimony going forward.

This measure is also a matter of obedience, the Bible says in Romans 13:1 – “Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.”

In short, we may not be able to assemble as a church, but it is time that we be the church!

Please watch for further updates, and feel free to share this with others.

Until we are able to assemble, please contact any staff member with any needs you have and we will do our best!!  Our church needs, including our responsibilities to our bills and staff support continue.  As a matter of fact, there may be additional costs based on adapting ministry to help people in need.  Please be faithful in your support of the work of God, you can give through the mail, or through one of our many online resources, the easiest perhaps being on the church website.

Also, there are many archived services on our church website….

Bethel Baptist Church Website

You can find lots of special music and past services at our Youtube Channel…

Youtube Channel

I trust that you might use these resources to encourage yourselves in the Lord

May God bless and keep you!


About Al Feere

Pastor of Bethel Baptist Church in Simcoe, Ontario
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2 Responses to Important Announcement

  1. Richard Newton Martin says:

    Very well said!
    Our obedience reflects our service
    “…Be ye therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves.”

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