Coronavirus Update


We are thankful that the recent restrictions due to Covid-19 have been lessened by our provincial leaders and in turn our local health unit.  We are especially thankful that we are allowed to once again hold worship services in our facilities with a 30% capacity of our building.  Our auditorium has a posted capacity of 450, meaning we can safely seat 135 while maintaining social distancing.  Our other rooms, give us much more capacity and we will use them to allow Mothers with children to have a place to minister to the needs of their babies, as well as a Vulnerable Members room, for those who still feel at risk, but have no other way to watch a service.  Currently we are using two rooms with limited capacity to view services on TV monitors.  More can be added as needed.

With all of this in mind, please let me reassure you of some of the steps we are taking to ensure your safety….

    1.  Thorough sanitization between each service in addition to our regular building maintenance and cleaning.
    2. Clearly marked entrance and exits, as well as closed areas to help with the flow of traffic and social distancing.
    3. A supply of masks and hand sanitizer for those who desire.
    4. Closed and clearly marked stalls and sinks in the bathrooms to facilitate social distancing.
    5. No choir, to allow our choir members to maintain social distancing.
    6. An abundance of ushers to help give direction and find selected seating to allow families to sit together and maintain adequate distance from others.
    7. We are strongly suggesting no physical contact such as handshakes or hugs.
    8. Nursery workers are not provided….but facilities are available for families who need them.
    9. Online services are still available, and DVDs for those without internet service, for all those who prefer to stay home.

It is our prayer that a Worship Service at Bethel Baptist Church be a safe and fulfilling experience.  As with any illness, if you are exhibiting symptoms, or experience a fever, please take advantage of our online services at home, and consider the safety of those who attend services. Furthermore, if you have been in recent contact with those who are exhibiting symptoms, or are confirmed cases of Covid-19, please exercise the added caution of self quarantine and protect our church family.

To help us maintain the 135 people limit in our services, please click here to sign up for an 8:30 am or 10:30 am Sunday Morning Worship Service.  We have enough room to accommodate the Sunday Evening and Wednesday Evening attendance.

If you need help, please call or email Pastor or Pastor Calvin and we will be glad to sign you up. They can be easily reached at 519-426-8421 and simply select their extension.  Please leave a message if you cannot get in touch.  If you have registered for past services, it has already carried forward to tomorrow, just let us know if you would like to change.

For more detailed instruction on how to register, please click here.

I would appreciate folks sharing this post in as many ways as possible so that our church family can stay informed.

Thank you!   See you Tomorrow!!


About Al Feere

Pastor of Bethel Baptist Church in Simcoe, Ontario
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